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Power system unloading, voltage quality improvement and energy cost reduction


The measurements help to identify causes for prospective failures respectively power reserves as well as potential savings at an early stage. Thus, the needed measures can be taken.

Damage prevention should have priority over damage recovery.

Please request your individual quotation for "electrical network analysis".

2a Short-term measurements

  • Recording of starting procedures
  • Recording of repeating transients
  • Checking the symmetry of loads
  • Obtaining an overview of harmonic distortion and reactive power load

2b Long-term measurements

  • Recording of sporadically arising events
  • Recording of load history
  • Recording of harmonics, as well as active and reactive power over a long time period

3 Evaluations

  • Selection and processing of the measured data
  • Interpretation of the measured results
  • Identification of the distortion causes
  • Development of recommended actions

4 Documentation

  • Overview drawing with measuring points
  • Clear representation of measured data
  • Emphasis on important measurement results
  • Representation of recommended actions

5 Planning of recommended actions

  • Pointing out of alternatives
  • Quotation with explanations

6 Testing of effectiveness

  • If required, testing of the proposed solutions under real conditions with success control by taking measurements

7 Implementation and testing

  • Supply of the equipment
  • Installation support
  • Commissioning
  • Success control by subsequent measurements

Please request your individual quotation "Problem analyses".

Rental measurement equipment, engineering, commissioning

Rental equipment

  • If you intend to conduct the electrical network analyses yourself, you can rent the required equipment from us and, if requested, have the evaluation carried out by us.


  • We are ready to consult you in the preliminary stages of your planning and point out the possibilities to secure the power quality and the savings potential by electrical network optimization and power factor correction.


  • For all quoted systems and devices, we can offer you the commissioning by our technicians.