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SYSTEM ELECTRIC Project: Drain circuit systemsSYSTEM ELECTRIC: Dynamic power factor correctionSYSTEM ELECTRIC: Project reactive power correction in an oil refinerySYSTEM ELECTRIC Project: Stainless steel melting plants;SYSTEM ELECTRIC Project: Oil platformSYSTEM ELECTRIC: Project Welding systemsSYSTEM ELECTRIC Project: Solar power plants;SYSTEM ELECTRIC Project: Water supply, medium voltage
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Others talk about energy-efficiency – we develop the solutions

SYSTEM ELECTRIC Building / Linsengericht, Germany

What we stand for

We intend to be an open-minded, helpful and flexible partner to our customers. We would like to turn customers into friends.

Our aim to find simple, sustainable, energy-efficient solutions of visible quality and a top user benefits. Listening and understanding the user requirements is key to the perfect product portfolio.

All staff members give their best, where they are, to serve the customer in a fast, effective and reliable manner. We are committed to the location of Germany and to the „made in Germany“ standard.

Just contact us – we are always there for you.

Best regards
Klaus Holbe

We thank all those who supported us in preparing the website, e.g.:

  • ESD-Sic B.V., Netherlands
  • Keppel FELS Limited, Singapore
  • Keppel Norway AS, Norway
  • AS MAZEIKIU NAFTA, Lithuania
  • INTECO special melting technologies GmbH, Austria
  • ENELTEC - System AG, Switzerland
  • ZVEI Power Capacitor Association, Department of Power Capacitors and Voltage Quality