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You can rely on solutions from SYSTEM ELECTRIC - worldwide

Reactive power correction by SYSTEM ELECTRIC
SYSTEM ELECTRIC at the Olympic complex, China
SYSTEM ELECTRIC improves the voltage quality the Olympic complex, China
Reactive power correction of wind power plants

In windmills, the stress is especially high on power factor correction systems. In the past, already several capacitor failures occurred with significant consequential damages. SYSTEM ELECTRIC offers special solutions for windmills, which meet the requirements - confirmed by many satisfied customers.

SSTEM ELECTRIC drain circuits

At the Matterhorn in Switzerland and in a lot of other cable cars, tuned filters of SYSTEM ELECTRIC ensure a good cos φ to minimize the harmonics and unload the electrical network.

Reactive power correction at Zürich airport

The airport of Zurich in Switzerland is compensated with 51 units of SYSTEM ELECTRIC. The 7% detuned reactor systems with a total power of more than 7000 kVAr have been in operation for many years without any disturbances so far. Also the Swiss Federal Railroad and many industrial companies, for example Swiss Stahl AG, trust in equipment from SYSTEM ELECTRIC.
More than 350 000 kVAr of installed power testify to the confidence shown by Swiss companies.

SYSTEM ELECTRIC improves the voltage quality in the Frankfurt regions

At the German finance metropolis Frankfurt, the load caused by the 5th harmonic is especially high. More than 400 units from SYSTEM ELECTRIC with a 5.67% or 7% detuned reactor reduce the energy costs for many customers and improve the voltage quality in the Frankfurt region.